IKATan mesra, gembira bersama. Warm smiles with our icy treats.

Our Story

IKAT creates innovative ice lollipops the Malaysian way (Aiskrim Malaysia) and is a market leader in this niche and unique icy treat. We aim to bring back the glory of this Malaysian favourite which was famous way back in the 60s right up to the early 90s. As a brand, IKAT had gone viral in 2017 and is now synonymous with the term Aiskrim Malaysia. On top of that, IKAT is also the first Aiskrim Malaysia manufacturer to receive HALAL Certification from JAKIM.

IKAT began as a small project for our three kids, then 11, 7 and 4 years old. As parents, we wanted to teach them the meaning of having to work hard and earn every Ringgit with Halal means. We hoped that by teaching these values at a young age, they will understand why their parents did the same and will come to appreciate and be grateful of all the sustenance (rezeki) that Allah has bestowed upon us as a family.

We would not have imagined then, that what had started as a small initiative would soon evolve into IKAT being supplied to more than 100 locations in the Klang Valley and neighbouring states like Pahang, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka and Johor all within a couple of years.